Welcome to Local Trees

Autumn leavesThe Local Trees Initiative is a not-for-profit scheme dedicated to increasing the availability of trees and shrubs of verified local origin for use in planting schemes in the East Midlands.
Currently a large proportion of trees and shrubs used in planting schemes in this country are imported from continental Europe. Not only are these trees transported many hundreds of miles before they are planted, increasing their ‘carbon footprint’, but they are also genetically different from the trees which have naturally grown in the areas in which they are to be planted.
Working in partnership with commercial nurseries, it is our aim to provide landowners, contractors and agents in the East Midlands with the opportunity to plant trees derived from ancient woodlands that have adapted to local conditions over hundreds of years.

What is Local Origin?

Copper Autumn Branch shinning in sky

Many of the trees planted in the UK are grown overseas in places such as Eastern Europe. Not only will these trees have to be transported many hundreds of miles before they are planted, increasing their ‘carbon footprint’…

Is local best?

Autumnal tree in amongst surrounding trees

Trees of local origin and their ancestors have grown in the same area for hundreds of years. Over this time, natural selection will have favoured trees that are adapted to local conditions and are resistant to local pests and diseases…

The origin of the project

Young green acorn growing on branch

In 2002, the National Forest Company teamed up with Charnwood Borough Council to begin working together in order to collect and grow local tree seeds for use in planting schemes both throughout The National Forest and Charnwood areas…