History: The origin of the project

Autumn leaf litterIn 2002, the National Forest Company and Charnwood Borough Council began working together to collect and grow local tree seed for use in planting schemes within The National Forest and Charnwood areas. Recognising this as an exemplar of best practice, a partnership of organisations from the environmental, business and construction sectors came together in 2006 to expand the project to cover the whole of the East Midlands.

Following a year of development and planning, the East Midlands Local Origin Seed Initiative was launched in April 2007. Its aim is to promote the planting of trees of local origin within the East Midlands and to work with tree suppliers to ensure that there are stocks of trees to meet the developing demand.

The Initiative’s plan is to ‘pump prime’ the market for local origin tree stock over a period of three years, after which the market will be self-sustaining. It is hoped that, in time, it should be possible to purchase fully-researched local origin stock for key tree species anywhere within the East Midlands.