Case Studies

Sun rays through a line of trees
Highways Agency – M1 Widening
In 2006 we approached the Highways Agency to propose a partnership with the East Midlands Local Origin Seed Initiative to achieve planting of local origin trees and shrubs in Phase 1 of the planned M1 Widening Scheme between Junctions 25 and 28.

Following a presentation to national board members of the Highways Agency in March 2007 it was a agreed that the Initiative would undertake work to research suitable sources of seed in the two Natural Areas through which this stretch of the M1 runs (Magnesian Limestone and Coal Measures), and liaise with landowners to facilitate seed collections.

In autumn 2007 seed collections were undertaken from project-identified sites within the two Natural Areas, to source sufficient stock to meet the Highways Agency’s demands for approximately 44,000 trees.

The seed is now being grown on by Wyevale Nurseries of Gloucestershire, with whom the Initiative keeps in close contact, in order to report back to the Highways Agency on the progress of their trees, the first of which is planned to be planted in 2009.

If you are interested in how the East Midlands Local Origin Seed Initiative can help you then please contact us.